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Surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and diverse ecosystems it is a clear indication of the majestic Andes. Machachi is a fertile valley with cold climate, where the tourists can enjoy a variety of recreational activities in a number of hacienda estates and lodges. The tourists will be received with music and joy.
Excursion Standard/ Standard Plus
  Route: Quito - Machachi - Quito  
  Itinerary: Thursday to Sunday and Holidays  
  Departure: 08h15  

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Excursion Standard | Roundtrip $ 15
• Train Trip
Bilingual guidance
• Lateral seating
• Includes $1,00 consumption in the Cafe del Tren

Excursion Standard Plus|
ida y vuelta $20

• Bilingual guidance
• Snacks on board
• Air-conditioned cars
• Seats face to face with tables
• Includes $1,00 consumption in the Cafe del Tren
Station Services

Chimbacalle Station | Quito

Museo del Tren

Machachi Station | Machachi

Café del Tren Tienda del Tren

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