Tren del Ecuador
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This route is surrounded by colorful landscapes, the tourists have different alternatives for recreational activities in the Area of Boliche and will enjoy entertainment activities in the train station of Boliche. This journey is a truly unforgettable experience.
  Route: Machachi - Boliche - Machachi  
  Itinerary: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays  
  Departure: 10h30  

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Excursion Standard | Roundtrip $ 10
Train Trip
• Guidance
• Lateral Seating
• Includes $1,00 consumption in the Cafe del Tren
Station Services

Machachi Station | Machachi

Café del Tren Tienda del Tren

Boliche Station | Boliche

Café del Tren Tienda del Tren Plaza Artesanal

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